Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pollen Corona by a False Acacia

In Japan, pollen coronae are normally caused by ceder pollen (and possibly Japanese cypress pollen). However, a pollen corona by a false acacia is observed by Mr. Yasuike on May 25th 2006, in Matsumoto. He said that an amount of false acacia pollen is quite large in this season around Matsumoto (it is not typical for the other areas in Japan).
It might be the first report of a pollen corona in Japan, other than by ceder (or cypress) pollen.


Claudia Hinz said...

Dear Yuhi,

for us central Europe observer would be also interesting to see photos from Ceder and Cypress pollen coronae. Besides do you have an image of pollen?

Best wishes

Yuji Ayatsuka said...

OK, I'm going to post a photo of a Ceder pollen corona. Just a moment.

Claudia Hinz said...

I've found in the Austrian pollen atlas also the pollen structure of Acacia and Cypress pollen.