Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dear friends and observers of atmospheric phenomena!

In addition to the worldwide exchange of information on the apparition of rare haloes, we hereby open an international collection of rare types of general atmospheric phenomena. If you have observed one of the phenomena listed up here, please send an expressive picture (perhaps with links to more pictures) and a short text to one of the contributors listed below. We are looking forward to receiving a large number of postings!


Jarmo Moilanen said...

Well done Claudia!

When we started the halo reports blog, we got quite soon some question about other phenomena like rainbows etc. So it is great that now we have a blog for reporting those other phenomena too.

Claudia Hinz said...

Thanks, Jarmo! I'm already in suspence, which phenomena will be postet here.

Cordial greetings

Peter-Paul Hattinga Verschure said...

I agree with Jarmo. Congratulations Claudia, I guess that the atmospheric optics area beside halos is much larger than just the halo item itself. I would like to sign in as a contributor.

Michael Ellestad said...
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Michael Ellestad said...

Good idea Claudia because I will be hitting this more than the halo reports because as Les Cowley says the skies in my area are prolific as far as sky optics goes.

Michael Ellestad said...

One more thing how can I post topic in the atmospheric phenomenan blog without it going to the halo reports blog? Could anyone help me on that? Any help is appreciated.

Peter-Paul Hattinga Verschure said...

Okay, I have the same problem, Michael. Claudia, can you make a contributors invitation entrance in the blogspot ?

Claudia Hinz said...

Dear Peter-Paul,

I've sent you already several times an invitation. Maybe have you a spam filter who could be it?

Ok, I'll send you a new, i hope, now it works ... ;o)

Many Greetings Claudia

Michael Ellestad said...


I got email from you via Meteoptics list but when I click on the link it simply takes me to the Atmospheric Phenomenan page I don't get no sign-in page.

Any help will be appreciatted