Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alien hunt on the lake Königssee in Bavaria/Germany

October 13th 2006 was a sunny and very warm autumn day, which we wanted to spend on a hike at the Königssee. However, we did not get very far because the scene over the very cold, deeply shielded mountain lake was entrancing. Ships flew over the water, islands floated in the air and aliens over the lake were hunted. It was really fascinating to pursue the fast changing mirages.

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Jari Luomanen said...


These are very beautiful images.


Les Cowley said...

Thanks Claudia for putting these up - they are stunningly beautiful.

Claudia Hinz said...

Thank you. It's a pleasure for me that you like the photos. But I'm sure the Königssee is one of the most beautiful places in the world ... also without mirages ;o)

Harald Edens said...

Beautiful images Claudia! I love their sharpness... it is not often that mirage images have this kind of detail in them.

Claudia Hinz said...

What do you think about the picture #6? This is not normal mirrored. Could it be a whirl in the different warm air layer? Or how originate this?

Thanks and best wishes

Harald Edens said...

It looks to me that that is a normal miraging of a sloping coastline, where the slope seems mirrored in the mirage. I have a photo similar to this at http://www.weather-photography.com/photo.php?cat=photo_month&id=w-531-30 although that was not over water.

It looks strange probably because most of the slope in photo #6 is hidden behind the trees.

Best regards

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