Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spectral Colours on Metal Surface

During my work I noticed that a grinded metal surface divides the sunlight into its spectral colours (1 2 3). But this happans only when there are small scratches with a maximum depth of 0,003 to 0,005 millimeters. The scratches shown here are about 30 – 40 mm long, but unfortunately I cannot tell you what shape they are. The worked article was positioned horizontally on a workbench and the sun elevation was at about 50-55° (28.06.2007 at 11.30 hours CEST in Pforzheim). The visual angle onto the worked part was about 80°. The question I think about is: How can the white light be split up into its spectral colours that way, and, much more important: What shape of the hollow is necessary to reflect the spectral light this way?

Author: Michael Großmann, Kämpfelbach, Germany


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