Saturday, October 14, 2006

Artificial Spectre in Brocken Mountains

This artificial Spectre of Brocken with fogbow was taken April 14, 2003 in the Brocken Mountains in central Germany. A helium lamp, positioned behind the photographer, was used to illuminate this very thick fog layer - the visibilty was less than about 5 m. The great size of the Brocken Spectre results from the shadow not lying in one plane but rather extending over a depth of several metres.

A camera team made a film [40MB, for WINDVD, in German!] about search of the Spectre and the edge Ghost but unfortunately the quality of digital version is not very good.

Spooky greetings from the ghost heaven!!!


Harald Edens said...

Very nice! What probably also makes the spectre much bigger than usual is because of the divergent light source and the short distance from it. So this is a 'real' Brocken Spectre, recorded where the name originated!

marko riikonen said...

Yeah, Harald is right. Light source must be rather close behind the camera, which makes also the fogbow broad.