Friday, October 06, 2006

Reflectet Light Rainbow

Uwe Mueller from Bremerhaven photographed this reflected light rainbow at the 06/10/04. The reflector surface is with large probability the transatlantic harbor at the external Weser, which was at the time of the admission behind the observer. This rainbow was visibly of 15.45 UT- 15,54 UT. At the beginning of the sifting the reflected light rainbow was good visible. It became then fast weaker.


dickcherry said...

what a cool blog, thanks. just in case you don't know this website, check:

thanks again :-)

dickcherry said...

here is a link to short movie of a solar halo in Switzerland featuring a nice Parry Arc, too.

Claudia Hinz said...

Thanks for the Link. Do you know the Halo-Blog ?